Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yuma, AZ, California and Texas

 Ron and Jane stopped over this morning, January 29, to say goodbye as we are headed to Yuma, AZ. Sandy and I are going to be taking driving lessons from Jerry Ray of Dick Read’s Driving School. This is a two day class where Sandy got most of the driving time. Jerry was very thorough and patient with us. We were glad to have taken the class as it gave Sandy the confidence to get behind the wheel and I learned a I some tips.

 After the two days of instruction we were off to Ramona, CA where we are staying at the Dos Picos County Campgrounds which is part of the San Diego county park system. We stayed here for a week touring the area.

 The first day, 2-2-07, we spent working on the inside putting up napkin, plate and bowl dispensers. Later we went for a hike on a trail, then came back and did some reading & played cards.

 The next day we went to the Birch Aquarium which was very interesting. Afterwards we drove down to San Diego, Coronado Island & south on the peninsula.  It is starting to warm up as it was 75 degrees which is the highest we have seen so far.

 TV reception was poor at the campground so on February 5th we drove over to the Escondino RV Park to stay for the night so we could “24”. After getting settled in we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park where we saw some baby animals.

 The next morning found us heading back to Dos Picos County Park for 2 days before leaving for Tucson, AZ. One of the days we spent in Julian, CA, an old mining town about 20 miles east of Ramona. This would be a great bike riding area and will have to get back here again.

 It’s time to hit the road and head towards Tucson, AZ. On February 8th we drove from Ramona, CA to Dateland, AZ. Sandy took her first turn at driving since our lessons. She wanted it to be an easy stretch so she drove 50 miles on the freeway. Upon getting to Datleand we found a nice friendly campground called The Oasis RV Park.

 February 9th was spent driving from Dateland to Tucson where we stayed at Gilbert Ray Campground on the west side of Tucson.

 The next day we spent 5 1/2 hours at the Sonoran Desert Museum. It was a great museum and we will be going back again. The Museum in a natural collection of plants and animals from the Sonoran Desert environment.


 This is a Mexican Wolf.

 On the way back from the Museum, Sandy met this friendly cactus.

 After spending 4 days in the Tucson area we left on February 13 and continued east with our next stop on El Paso, TX at the Road Runner RV Resort. The place was a dump but I had picked it because there was a service facility next door where we had the oil changed.

 This was an old Honda Civic that has been parked in one spot too long.

 It took us another day and a half to reach Blazing Star RV Resort in San Antonio, TX. Texas sure is a big state.

 This was our camp site, #905.

 Since we are in San Antonio we had to go to the Alamo as it is purported that Davy Crockett is a great, great, great grand father of mine.  So on Saturday the 17th went to the Alamo and River Walk. Then we spent an unbelievable 2 hours 31 minutes getting out of the parking garage.

 It was between 65-75 degrees while we were here so we just spent some time relaxing and went to visit the Missions in San Antonio including Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan and Espada. The condition of the missions range from mostly ruins to fully restored and still in use today.

 The 20th of February had us driving to Mission, TX to visit our friends Rick and Karen. The temperature was a little warmer down here as it was in the 80’s while we were there. Rick and Karen and some friends of theirs took us sightseeing and the took us into Mexico via a hand drawn ferry across the Rio Grand. We were surprised to see how narrow the Rio Grand is in this area. Afterwards we all went to eat at the Riverside that overlooks the Rio Grand River. Sandy and I shared a real good & huge breaded pork tenderloin sandwich because we had been warned to get just the one. Later we took in an amateur contest where people just turn up to play whatever instrument they have and some even sing, not so good.


Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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