Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Since we got back into the Twin Cities we have been able to go out for supper with our Friday night group. This is somthing that we have been doing for over 15 years.

It sure will be nice when we can get into a more leisurely pace. It just seems we are on the go most of the time. While on the road I decided that I wanted to take a fishing boat with us while we travel. After looking at different systems, I decide on a Heimgartner Trailer System setup shown below.

With this setup I can leave most everything in the boat and just launch it when I'm ready to go fishing. We traded in the GMC Envoy for a GMC Sierra Crew Cab to accommodate the trailer system.

My buddy, Terry, and I have been crappie fishing three times this spring. We went to Prior Lake once and twice to Clearwater Lake by Annandale. We caught about 90 on one trip and 152 on the other trip to Clearwater, with the biggest being 14 inches.

On May 12th, Sandy and I went to Cambridge to visit with Arlie and Mary Lou who have been fulltime motorhoming for about 11 years. It was good to see and visit with them since it was last fall when we had last seen each other. They will be heading to Algoma, WI for the summer on Lake Michigan. Fishing must be good to keep drawing them back there.

On May 15th we drove to Aberdeen, SD to visit with Sandy's parents, her sister and brother in law. We parked the motorhome on the south side of Sandy's parent's property.

On Saturday the 17th went went out to supper to celebrate Sandy's Mom's 80th birthday.

On May 21st, Sandy and I headed out to Spokane, WA in the GMC to have the Heimgartner Trailer System installed. It rained all the way out there so we did not get to see the beautiful mountains along the way. It was about 1:30PM on Thursday when we pulled into Spokane. The installation was scheduled for the Friday evening, so we had time to do a little sight seeing. We decided to take the scenic drive on US HWY 2 from Spokane to Sandpoint, ID. It was a partly cloudy day but at least it did not rain. Just before we got to Sandpoint we came upon this man working his garden with a team of horse's.

This was such a coincidence as earlier this year I was talking with my Dad and we got to talking about horses and how many it took pull a one or a two bottom plow. After talking about it for awhile we decided that it probably took 2-3 horse's to pull a one bottom plow and 4-5 for a 2 bottom plow. While I was talking with my Dad, Sandy called her Dad, and he agreed. Anyway, we stopped and I walked over to where he was, talked with him a bit and asked if it was OK to take some pictures. In talking with him, he confirmed our estimate on the number of horse's to pull the plows. We made our way back to Spokane and took the truck over to have the work done and picked up the truck on Saturday morning.

We went over the operation of the system and were on our way back to Aberdeen by 12:00PM. Unfortunately, it rained all the way back to South Dakota so we missed most of the scienery again. We got back into Aberdeen about 8:00 PM on Sunday. The next couple of days we spent visiting and putting coverings on the plants in Sandy's Dad's garden at night as there were threats of frost over night. Will summer ever come?

On Wednesday the 28th we headed back to Apple Valley, MN and the Lebanon Hills Campground, where we will be for the next couple of weeks. Now it's time to concentrate on the new motor home.

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