Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sandy's back and we're leaving Arizona.

I met Sandy at the airport this morning, February 20 at 11:30 AM. She was very happy to be back in the warm weather because when she left Aberdeen, SD at 7:00 AM the temperature was ZERO degrees and it was 70 degrees in Phoenix when I picked her up. Also, it started snowing back in Minneapolis and they ended up with a foot of that white stuff. Here are a few pictures that Sandy took while back home.

Our friends, Jerry and Donna (on the left), met Sandy at the airport when she flew into Minneapolis on February 2nd. That evening they met up will our friends, John and Pat (on the right), for supper.


Back in Aberdeen they had one morning where the trees were heavy with frost. Here are a couple pictures of winter. Sandy says it's too bad the pictures don't show how they were glistening in the sun.



Sandy's Dad, doing a little reading by the fireplace where it's nice and warm.


Sandy's parents, Dalles and Erwin, getting cozy on the couch.


Sandy's Sister, Cindy, brother-in-law, John and their dog, Sophie.


This morning,2-23-2009, Sandy and I went to Yuma, AZ to visit and have lunch with friends Chuck and Lorraine. It’s a 420 mile round trip, but this may be the last chance to see them for a couple of years as they are going to Alaska this summer and we will probably be going to Texas and Florida next winter. The lot they are staying is owned by a friend of theirs. Their fiend’s motorhome is on the left and Chuck’s is shown. Their lot was very nice as it backs up to a natural area for privacy. 


We took this picture of Chuck and Lorraine sitting in the rocking chairs in front of Cracker Barrel where we had lunch.IMG_0351






Here are a couple of ocotillos in full bloom. Arizona has had a lot of rain but the weather is a little warmer in Yuma than in Phoenix, so the bloom has progressed earlier in Yuma.









There were several fields in bloom with these purple flowers. When we went into the field the fragrance was almost overwhelming.















We don’t know the name of these flowers, but their orange color stood out along the road.



The same goes this yellow flower.


The following pictures are of the Tank Mountains on the road between Yuma and Quartzsite. As you can see, the Sonoran Desert is very green.




One afternoon I had been outside reading and was heading back into the motorhome when I spotted this 2 Plus foot Diamondback Rattlesnake by our front door. Sandy had just walked in the door from that direction and hadn't noticed it.


A little later Sandy and I went for a walk and took some pictures of flowers and we came across a 3 footer. They start to appear when it gets warm--guess it's time to leave.

Here are more flower pictures. IMG_0378














Here is one in bloom and a bud that will probably open tomorrow.


Today, Tuesday the 26th, we left Cave Creek (Phoenix) and are heading to Red Bay, AL for our appointment at the Tiffin factory to have some warranty work done. We prefer to stay off the freeways so we took the scenic route on US 60 to Globe, AZ and caught US 70 to the New Mexico border.  Here are a few pictures on US 60.






This is a Copper mine outside Globe.


Once we drove out of the Globe area we started to descend into the Gila Valley where the crop of choice is cotton. We followed US 70 down to Lordsburg, NM and took I-10 to Deming, NM where we are spending the night. It's a good thing we stopped when we did because the wind really started blowing so it's better to be off the highway. Looks like we will have to slow down a little and stay behind the storms that are crossing the country right now. I saw on the news that our old home area of Lakeville, MN had 4 inches of snow in one hour with more to come. Can’t say I miss that.

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