Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Arizona friends left today

On July 3rd Ron, Jane and their granddaughter Ally arrived at the Lebanon Hills Campground in Apple Valley around 2:00 in the afternoon.


Ally’s parents, Scott and Peggy, were going to stop later in the afternoon to pick up Ally and have supper with us. We had planned to have angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream to celebrate Scott’s birthday which is today. Things did not work out and they were not able to stay for supper. That was too bad Scott because the cake was delicious.


Jane, Sandy and I went for a quick tour of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. We stopped at the Historic Arch Bridge on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.


On our way through St. Paul we stopped at the famous (to us anyway) Snuffy’s Malt Shop where we each had a full-size malt. Peggy, Jane wants to know if you have been here.


We left Lebanon Hills for White Water State Park around noon. On the way to Whitewater State Park we drove by a farm that had these large White Pines. They remind me so much of Bonsai Trees.


Here we are at our destination, Whitewater State Park.


Once we got to the park we had to wait a couple of hours to get into our site because it was still occupied since the check out time here is 4:00 PM. Once we got to our site there was some concern about clearance over a parking barrier.




Ah heck, I had inches to spare.


Denver and Charley are wondering, did that last group leave us some snacks? The previous campers had spilled dog food all over and the dogs wasted no time in finding it.


Because of getting to our site later in the afternoon we decide to be lazy and just make pizza for supper.


After supper Sandy and Jane went down to the birder feeder area behind the Ranger station to take some bird pictures. I want to thank Jane for all the wonderful wildlife pictures that are in this posting.

Goldfinch’s galore.


A pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.


A young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


A Red-bellied Woodpecker and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


Duck, No, I mean a Blue jay is coming at you so duck. What a picture, Jane.


On Monday when Sandy and Jane were out for a walk they came across several deer. Here is a great photo of a fawn.


Some more pictures from the walk showing the beautiful white pines.


Here is an American Goldfinch feeding in it’s natural habitat on it’s favorite food, Thistle.


Ron, I think they caught us sneaking off to go fishing. Looks like Andy and Opie in Mayberry.


While we were gone Sandy and Jane went back to the bird feeders and got a great photo of the Baltimore Oriole.


We finally get some relaxation time.


Before lunch on Tuesday the 14th we took a little hike to Chimney Rock to work up an appetite.


This is the start of the stairway.


Jane wanted us to stop for a picture break, and I was not about to argue.


More steps to go.


Did I hear someone say, only 200+ steps to go?


Denver and Charley said it was time for a water break. Again, who was I to argue.


Sandy said, I knew if we got high enough I could get cell phone service. Now I know the real reason for the hike.



We finally reached the top!!!


Here we are with our gratuitous picture at Chimney Rock.


Ron and Jane doing the same.


Now where is that Nature Store? I’m sure I saw it on the map earlier.


Persistence paid off. They had the essentials of life, “ice cream”.


It’s Thursday the 16th at 6:51 AM and Ron and Jane are getting ready to climb in the motorhome and start on the first leg of their trip back to the Tetons.


Jane and her two front seat co-pilots. You can barely see Charley to the left of Denver and poor Ron has to be in the back seat.


Good bye and have a safe trip.


Sandy is saying good bye to Charley.


Until next time,

Dave and Sandy


Connie said...

Dave and Sandy:

Awesome pictures. Looks like a beautiful park. The Birds are so beautiful!

Manuel & Connie

Jane said...

Thanks Dave and Sandy for a great visit. We'll miss seeing you in AZ this winter. Don't fall in love with FL. You know the chances of getting us close to the Mississippi again are slim. Remember, the West is best, for winter that is!

See you down the road, Jane and Ron

LazyDazeAZ said...

Thanks, Sandy and Dave, for showing us a great time. We'll be looking forward to a get-together in 2011. That's so far away. Don't fall in love with FL. We need to see you on occasion in AZ. Jane, Ron, Denver and Charley