Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Winter Getaways

On Sunday December 12, we and our friends, Pat and John, left for Las Vegas for 5 days of fun where we stayed at the Bellagio. It was 1 degree below zero when we left here and if the plow crew had not already been at our association by 4:00am when we left we might not have made it out. We ended up with 17.4 inches of snow when we left with some good sized drifts. Thankfully the temperature was 64 degrees when we landed in Las Vegas and the high for the day was 70 degrees. While we were there the Bellagio was robbed on the casino floor of $1,500,000 in chips.


Pat and John in a Bellagio restaurant ready to order a $40 breakfast.



The Bellagio had their atrium decked out for Christmas.



On Monday we went for a drive out to the Hoover Dam. This is the new bridge by Hoover Dam.


We took a tour of the Hoover Dam and a few of the tunnels that we went through were a little short for our 6’ 6” tall friend, John.


On the way back from the Hoover Dam we took the long way back and drove through the Valley of the Fire State Park.



We spent Tuesday walking the strip and playing the “one armed bandits”. In the evening we walked to the MGM/Grand to see the Cirque du Solei, “KA”.

Wednesday found us again walking the strip. We ended up at Treasure Island where we saw the Cirque du Solei, “Mystere”.

Again on Thursday we spent the day walking the strip and gambling until 1:00pm when we decided to just find a place to sit and visit until we left for the airport at 4:30pm. Our flight took off at 7:05pm and we were on the ground at 11:50pm. When driving home from the airport, the temperature was 6 degrees.

After 5 nice warm days in Las Vegas we had to come back to this. At least they had the streets and drive ways cleared.



For Christmas we went to Aberdeen, SD to spend a couple of days with Sandy’s family, Erwin, Dalles, Cindy and John. From there we drove to visit my family, Rueben, Georgia, Glen, Becky, Joe, Barb and their kids.

One day we had two fox out behind our house. Here is a picture of one.


My trike was ready to pick up so on Tuesday January the 27th we drove to Kellogg, MN and picked it up. It is a Hannigan trike kit installed on a Honda Gold Wing. Vern and Ruthie of did the instalation. Beside doing a great job they are great people to know. Now all I have to do is wait for spring to be able to take it for a drive.


Sandy and I have been thinking about our options with our motorhome since we bought a house again. We do miss getting into the small State, National and County campgrounds that we enjoyed when we had the Lazy Daze. So when the RV show was in town we went and did some looking at Class C’s.

Going to the RV show got us to thinking about a Lazy Daze again. So after several more day of scheming, on February 17th we made the decision to order a new Lazy Daze. I called Todd at Lazy Daze in California and had him e-mail us the forms which we completed and e-mailed back to him. We ordered a 2011 27’ Mid-Bath like we had before.

So on February 27th we flew into the Ontario Airport in east Los Angeles. Then the next couple of days went spent off and on at the Lazy Daze factory in Montclair, CA getting all the colors and options taken care of. This time we decided to go with brown. Here is a picture of one they were building while we were there.


We have not fully decided what we are going to do with the Allegro Bus, but I think we will end up selling it.

We finalized our order for everything Tuesday morning and then went for a ride to the San Gabriel Mountains. The first road (CR 2) we tried was closed so we tried another CR 39 which we were able to follow for about 15 miles before it was closed.





Never a dull moment at our household.

Until next time.

Dave and Sandy.


Jane said...

Welcome Home. The "fold" has been waiting for you...right on time - 3 years!

Connie Esparza said...

Congratulations on your purchase! I would not mind having one of those....40' makes me very nervous up in the mountains.

We were in Vegas last week and also stayed at the Bellagio and saw the same show you did. It was awesome!

I will be posting as soon as I have time...we are doing good and Manuel continues to gain strength.