Thursday, February 8, 2018


                                  July 18th to now.

Things are changing at our house again.

July 18, the day after I got back from my motorcycle trip with Joe, Sandy showed me an article in the latest Motorhome magazine that was about Newmar's new 33 foot New Aire RV. In the past we have discussed that if a nice 30-35 foot class A RV came on the market we should take a look. After reading the article and doing some internet research we decided to go to Nappanee, IN and visit the factory to actually see what one looked like. We have not been known to let moss grow under our feet when making a decision.

We arrived at the Newmar factory just before noon on July 26th and were able to join the afternoon tour where we were able to see a New Aire in production, but could not get a good feel for it. So, we headed south to Mount Comfort  RV in Indianapolis, IN to see a finished product there. It is a very nice RV with all the bells and whistles. We stayed overnight and went back to look at it the next morning.

After looking at the New Aire some more we headed for home. On the way back we kept reviewing what we saw and by the time we got home and stopped at Ole Piper Inn to have pizza and beer, we had decided to look at a Dutch Star 3718 at Steinbring Motorcoach in Garfield, MN. They are the only Newmar dealer in Minnesota. 

One of the item's on my list in a new RV was a recliner and the New Aire did not offer it as an option because of its size. One of Sandys wishes was for a washer and dryer which is available on both sizes.

The next day, the 28th, we drove to Garfield which is near Alexandria to look at a DS 3718 shown on their website. However, when we got there it had been sold and picked up a few days before. After looking around we decided to go ahead and order one, so our RV life style is changing again. The floor plan of our Newmar 3718 Dutch Star.

With a new RV coming we got busy selling our Lazy Daze. While   visiting with our garage condo unit neighbor, Jay, he said that he and Linda were looking at RV’s to buy. I told Jay that the Lazy Daze does not have slides and he replied that Linda did not want slides, so I invited him to come take a look. Later in the day both he and Linda came back to look at it and said they were very interested, but would have to think about it as they were not looking to buy until next spring. They bought the LD and we are happy it's going to a good home. So the LD is now parked 20 feet to the west of where it used to be.

I had cataract surgery on both eyes, the right one first. The ME is the doctors initials. At first Sandy thought ME stood for me - this eye, so the surgeon wouldn't operate on the wrong eye. She was partially right.  I think I'm a little sleepy.

Jane likes to have full medical details, so this photo is for her. (An inside Joke.)

The 30th of September had us headed to Lake Chippewa, WI for a week of fishing with friends, Terry and Elaine. Being that we no longer had a RV we rented one of the resorts trailers. Jay and Linda offered us the use of the LD but we did not want to take a chance on damaging it, so we just rent instead. Our home for a week.

The weather was cool and rainy so we didn't do too much fishing. Sandy and Elaine spent spent some time doing jigsaw puzzles and playing dominoes with Elaine's sister.

Ron and Jane have been wanting us to come visit their new home in the Jackson Hole area of WY in the winter. They moved from Phoenix a couple years ago. Since we are waiting for our new RV to arrive, we thought this would be a good time to visit. We left on the 19th and took 2 days to get there. We spent 4 days there visiting, site seeing and playing a card game called 7's. It was great to see Ron, Jane and Charley again. Jane was right about the cold in Jackson Hole, it did not feel as cold as in Minnesota. We have been to the Teton several times in the summer, but the area looks totally different in winter.

This is the view out our bedroom window at Ron and Janes home.

They have this wonderful sunroom which was great to sit in and have coffee in the morning -- or anytime of the day.

On January 29th we received a text that our RV had arrived at the dealer. Both Sandy and I were running around town doing errands, so when I saw the text, I called Sandy and asked if she was up for a road trip. You probably can tell I was anxious to see it. So we drove up the next day to have a look. Here are a few pictures.

We had never seen this model other then on paper before, but the floor plan was better then we expected. We scheduled a February 14th delivery. After getting it stocked up we will head to the Phoenix area for the month of March.

I just have to say this so a few of our friends that know us real well can have a good chuckle. Or is it just a belly busting, hoot snorting, foot stomping laugh. As we have said several times in the past.

"This is our last RV"

Until Next Time,
Dave and Sandy

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Vern Polzin said...

Its beautiful, enjoy your new and last? Motorhome. It looks like it might have more square footage than our tiny home in Mesa. I thought the "ME" was like a tag in a selfie. (interesting spell check doesn't know about a selfie. The suggestions were sulfite, sulfide and Shellie. )