Saturday, April 16, 2005

Picking up our new “LAZY DAZE” at the factory and our trip home

 On April 5th, 2005 we were at the Lazy Daze factory to inspect and pickup our new Lazy Daze 26 1/2 foot mid-bath class “C” motorhome. We were given a 3 hour walk thru where they explained the operation of all the items in the motorhome, i.e. stove, air conditioners etc. Since this is our first motorhome, we thought we were retaining it all as we went through the items but we were soon to find out how little we retained.

 The next day we had a ICC driver drive us to Ehrenberg, AZ where we signed the paper work to give us possession of the motorhome. We had to do this because we did not want to pay the California sale tax.

 When we got to the Phoenix area we went to a campground that Jane said was the best one in their area. It was  the Cave Creek Campground. (Maricopa County, AZ). We got site #10 which backs up to the north on the outer ring of the campground. Jane was right … the campground was beautiful. This is our 1st time camping in a motorhome so it was interesting. After we got settled in we went over to Ron and Jane’s for supper.

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 While Ron went to work, Jane gave us a 4 hour tour of the Phoenix area. We are having a hard time getting used to the 96 degree weather.

 The next day, the 8th, Jane picked us up at 6:00AM and drove us  to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff & Sedona. It was very windy at the Canyon.

 Sandy and Jane with the Grand Canyon in the back ground.This was our first time to the Grand Canyon and we were very impressed. Mother nature did a fine job here.
I wonder how many couples besides us have had there picture taken here, or we the first?

 It was 50 degrees in the Lazy Daze when we got up this morning, the 10th.  We didn’t take any pictures, but 13 hot air balloons took to the sky before we left Cave Creek at about 8:30AM and drove to Show Low, AZ (186 miles), where we stopped overnight at the  Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area. This is also a very nice campground with 50-100 foot separation between sites with concrete slabs.

 Our first grill was a charcoal Cobb grill that we got ride of after we got home. It was not very hot and the grease just stayed in the cooking area. On to a gas Weber Baby Q.

 Upon leaving Show Low we drove to the Petrified Forest National Park. Sandy really did not want to stop as she had been to several “petrified forest” in the Black Hills that were nothing but rock shops. She said she was glad we stopped. After hearing at the visitors center about how much of the area had been pillaged over the years before the park was established, we were surprised with the amount and size of the petrified trees.

 After we finished touring the park we continued on to Albuquerque, AZ where we stayed overnight. The next morning we had the oil changed at Stratkus Engines before getting back on the road again by 11:00. After a stop at the Petroglyph's National Monument we headed up to Santa Fe, then to Taos, NM were we spent the night.

 The next day we spent touring the area. One of the sights we took in was the Taos Pueblo Ruins. These buildings have been continuously inhabited for over a thousand years. 


 We drove east from Taos on US64. Lots of curves but a scenic drive. Finished driving eastern NM, pan handle of Oklahoma & stopped in Elkhart, KS at Prairie RV for the night

 Along the way we stopped for a nap and when we woke up there were several antelope at the stock tank behind us.

 April 14th found us leaving the campground around 7:30. Along the way we stopped in Dodge City, KS and visited the “Boot Hill” museum. Will have to go back to the area. Drove hard the whole day and finally stopped around 6:00PM near Fairbury, NE at the Wagon Train State Recreation Area. 476 miles.

Here are some pictures where we parked by the small reservoir.

 April 15th was our last day on the road. Now we will be busy adding accessories and finding out how to pack and store items in the rig.

Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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