Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bigfoot levelers and the 4th of July

 On June 8th, 2005 we left home headed for White Pigeon, MI where we have an appointment to put levelers on the rig. Our stop for the night was at  MILL BLUFF STATE PARK, on I-90/94 next to Camp Douglas in Wisconsin. There is a old saying in the RV world that most campgrounds are built next to an airport, interstate highway or a train track. Well, we got the trifecta,  I-90/94 traffic was to the north, trains with a whistle crossing to the south and fighter jets passing overhead.

 The next morning we continued on to White Pigeon, MI and the  Big foot factory. After stayed over night at a KOA in Middlebury, IN. we headed up to our 7:00AM appointment. Everything was done by 11:00AM so we headed back across I-80 towards Davenport, IA. Sure glad we do not live in Chicago. At our first gas stop the LP gas sensor started to go off. It finally stopped without us doing anything. When we finally got to our camp site in Prophetstown State Park in Prophetstown, IN we leveled the unit, then turned on a light. Everything went dark. I checked the fuses but all seemed ok. Being that we just had work done at the Bigfoot factory, I thought maybe they had done something to cause this. But being it was after their closing time and it was an electrical problem, I called Lazy Daze and spoke with Steve. After some discussion I checked the battery bypass switch. Bigfoot had shut it off while working on the unit & forgot to turn it back on. Prophetstown was a nice little camp when it is not full. I don’t know if the same would be true when it was full.

 April 11th found us working our way to Galena, IL where we toured an old lead mine. Then it was over to Prairie Du Chien up along the Mississippi River to the Effigy Mounds National Monument. Then we drove to Caledonia, MN to stay at Beaver Creek Valley State Park Campground. This might not be a place to stay with rain in the area as you have to ford a creek to get back into the camping sites that are built into a valley with high bluffs around.

The next day we worked our way home through the bluff country.

The 4th of July holiday found us back in the Bluff Country with Dale, Mary Jane, Randy and Marlene where we stayed at the Peterson City Park, Peterson MN. They have 10 spots with water and electric and a remote dump. The spots are close together, but it was really a nice quiet spot. We brought our motorcycles and 1 car. We put a couple hundred miles on the motorcycles driving around the area. It looks like the converter went dead so will have to call the factory on Tuesday to find out how to check it for sure.

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