Monday, October 31, 2005

Fall trip to Nashville, TN

 Sandy and I made plans to leave after work on Friday, October 21st for a week in Nashville, TN. Our first overnight stop was at a BP station out of West Branch, IA. The next day we drove to Marion, IL. where we stayed at the Marion Motel & Campground. This was not a nice place and would stay at a gas station again rather then here. In the morning we continued on to Nashville while stopping at a Camping World to pick up a few items, seems like it never end finding item we need. Then we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for a meat loaf dinner before gassing up and driving to the Seven Points Campground. This is a Corps of Engineers campground on J Percy Priest Reservoir on the east edge of Nashville. The route we took, not the most direct, took us 930.3 miles in 17 hours 57 minutes drive time. We towed the Jon boat down so we had to get a rental car to get around town.

 Our first day there, 10-24, we just drove around some and came back to grill steak and make some of camp potatoes. Our friend Pat showed us how to mix potatoes, green & red peppers, onions, carrots and what every else your imagination can come up with plus your favorite seasonings and put them in tin foil and grill for about 25 minutes. Delicious. After sunset we played Canasta.

 For our second day there we went for a ride to Cookeville & had lunch there. It got up to 57 degrees during the day.

That evening we had  a beautiful sunset over the lake.


 On our third day here we went and got some fire wood and stayed in camp all day just enjoying doing next to nothing. The temperature got up to 61.5 degrees, so it was a pretty nice day.



 The next morning when we got up the temperature  was 40 degrees and mostly cloudy so we decided to go to the Stones River National Battlefield. This battle had the greatest percentage of casualties during the Civil war. Its hard to believe that there were 24,000 causalities of the 85,000 troops. We will be heading back home tomorrow mid day.

On October 28th after getting up at 7:00AM we had breakfast, dumped the tanks & returned the rental. It was about 11:00AM when we left the rental place and headed back home, arriving there about 4:25 PM on the 29th. We got home to find it had been 5 to 10 degrees warmer here then in Nashville. Even so we plan on getting back to that campground again.

Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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