Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, we are finally in Arizona

Well, we are finally in Arizona. After leaving home on Wednesday the 7th of November, we had three one night stands. Or is it we stopped at three different towns before getting to getting to Amarillo, TX. The first three nights were at West Omaha, NE, Millford, KS and Enid, OK. Along the way we stopped to see a Pony Express station and Museum in
Marysville, KS. However, after driving around for about one-half hour to find a parking place for the motor home and walking four blocks to the museum, we found it closed for the season. Too bad because it sure looked like it would be interesting.

Once we got to Amarillo we spent five days there and took time to see some of the local sights. On Monday we took a little drive along Route 66 thru town. It turned out there were about 90 horse statues placed through out the area. Each horse was uniquely painted much like the Snoopy statues in St. Paul a few years ago. Here are some examples:

On Tuesday we went to the “Panhandle Plains Historical Museum” with the idea that we would also go to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. After spending 6 ½ hours in the museum we decided to go to the park the next day. This is the biggest historical museum in Texas. It was very interesting and well laid out. Anyone who enjoys history could spend the better part of two days there.

On Wednesday we went to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. This is the second largest canyon in the USA. Some areas are 2500 feet deep with beautiful red rock formations.

We passed through Roswell NM, without seeing any UFOs. Last night we stayed in Alamogordo, NM. When we got up this morning we watched a covey of about 50-100 Quail scurrying through the desert brush looking for food. It was amazing how fast they move around and stay in their little groups.

Tonight we are staying in Benson, AZ about 40 miles SE of Tucson. We will spend a couple of days here before heading over to the Phoenix area to spend some time with our friends Ron and Jane.

By the way, Jane, we thought you said keeping up this blog would be a snap.

3 comments: said...

Dave and Sandy,
This is so cool! Even if it was not a snap - we're just glad you did it!
It will be fun to see where you go and what you see.
We'll head out the day after Christmas and are getting anxious as the cold is returning FAST!
Till later,
Rick and Karen

LazyDazeAZ said...

Sandy and Dave,
The blog is somewhat like having a part-time job. But we're all waiting for your news so you must not disappoint your fans! Can't wait to see you two and your new home tomorrow. Polish sausage for dinner?????? Jane and Ron

Travis said...


Travis and family here! I was at mom's house for Thanksgiving and I saw your letter and had to check it out! Glad to see you guys are doing so well and having a good time! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the places that you are traveling to. Be safe and Happy Holiday's!