Monday, December 3, 2007

Blogging in the DESERT!!!

Some Blog in the DESERT!!!

While some read.

It’s been a couple weeks so we guess it’s time to update the Blog.
We spent the 16th & 17th of November in Benson, AZ to do a little sight seeing. We toured Kartchner Caverns which are about 89 miles southeast of Tucson. The caverns are still alive because of the precautions taken when developing for tourism. Two tours are available. We took the one that is only open from October 15th to April 15th. Bats return to this part of the cavern to give birth and raise their young (pups) during the rest of the year. This is a cave that is well worth the time to see.
Later we went down to Tombstone and took in the sights. And, of course, we had to take in the "Gun Fight at the OK Corral". Admission included a small museum so we spent some time going through it. Just after we got started going through the museum a guy in costume came over and spent the better part of an hour giving us a private tour and colorful insight on the local area.

We felt he appreciated someone taking the time to read about the historical events and artifacts rather than running in to just to see the show. He provided a whole new perspective on the harsh and often cruel life of the lawless wild days in the old western mining towns. We think we saw him a few days later on TV narrating a short on the Encore Western Channel. You now, all them Cowboys look alike. We then spent some time walking around the streets and old buildings of Tombstone.

On the 18th we headed up to Cave Creek Recreational Area Campground just north of Phoenix to visit our friends Ron and Jane. Cave Creek Campground is a county park with lots of space between campsites. They invited us to their home for Thanksgiving to have dinner with their family. Thanks to Ron and Jane for inviting us to share a great dinner with some great friends.

In the evening you can watch the sun set and listen to the coyotes howl. Then in the morning, we watch the sunrise. Yes, Heather, there is a sunrise (private family joke) and watch the Quail and an occasional coyote run through in the brush.

Lately, we have not been doing much other than sharing some time with Ron and Jane. Ron and I have been spending some time working on their Lazy Daze motorhome installing See-Level tank gauges and a Link 10 battery monitor. We survived the big rain storm that dumped 3 inches of rain a couple days ago. Flash flood warnings were in effect overnight so we were glad to find ourselves firmly on solid ground in the morning.
We have made arrangements to fly back home for Christmas and New Years. We must miss the snow and cold. We're anxious to see family and friends again, but we'll also be glad to return to sunny Arizona again.

Dave and Sandy.

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