Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where does this road lead?

At 7PM on December 4th Jane called and asked Sandy if she would like to accompany her to Denver for a few days. They would be leaving at 8AM the next morning. Sandy thought about it for a couple of minutes and said "sure, what else do I have going on to keep me here. It's time for another adventure." Poor Dave, guess I will just have to survive on my own (Pizza Hut here I come).

On Friday the 7th while Sandy was gone, I made a trip to a Flea Market out by Apache Junction. The place is advertised as having over 1600 vendors. That may be a stretch, but there sure were a lot of them. It was both a mission to pick up a gadget up for a friend and a sight seeing trip. Now John has his needs filled for a few years. (3 items for $2.00 and 114 miles-- what a bargain!) But then, what are friends for.

Sandy and Jane came back today (12-8-07). They had a good time, and Sandy got to see some snow. It must have made her feel like she was back home in Minnesota. Her daughter's home is in the mountains west of Denver and a large elk herd grazes regularly all through the area. One evening the house was surrounded by elk--what a sight to see!

Last year when Sandy and I went to San Diego we spent a night near Dateland, AZ. Dates are grown there including the delicious Medjool variety. We bought some then and wished we have gotten more, so Sandy and I decided to take a short drive back down to Dateland and pickup some more of those good dates.

On the 12th, Sandy and I drove up to Wickenburg. On the way up we stopped at Lake Pleasant Campground to check it out for the future. They have good paved sites and also have a boat landing where I might be able to try out the Port-A-Boat. We then continued up to Wickenburg and had lunch. From there we decided to run up to Prescott, but on the way Sandy spotted Stanton Ghost Town on the map, so off we went following the GPS. When we pulled off the highway there was a sign "Primative Road - Mininum Maintenance". That should have been the first clue. The road looked pretty decent to start with until we got to Stanton. We did not find much of a ghost town, but there were lots of campers looking for gold. Turns out there are gold claims around the area north of town going towards Yarnell. As we headed towards Yarnell we saw some signs “CLAIMS FOR SALE”.
"Where does this road lead?" "Where does THIS road lead?"
After Sandy had several near heart attacks, I decided I should stay clear of the shoulder.

We finally made it to Yarnell and back onto a real road. Had we started our journey at the other end of the road, I'm sure we would have abandoned that trip and stayed on the main highway.

On the way back home Jane called and said they had just picked up a new puppy. It is a Standard Poodle, 4 months old and weighs 50 pounds. So the next day we stopped over at their house to check out the new puppy. He came with the name of MoJo.

That evening Ron and Jane came over for supper and we had some more discussion on MoJo’s name. It seems there is a sexual connotation to MoJo so now it's a hunt for a new name. Friday we went back to Jane's and continued the mission of picking a new name for "The Dog formally known as MOJO". Many names were discussed such as Jack, Montana, Rocky, Winston etc., but no agreement was made.

On the 15th, Sandy and I went for a ride up I-17 to Flagstaff. The temperature in Flagstaff was 29 degrees at 1:00PM and they had about 1 1/2 feet of new snow, so I got to see snow for the first time this year. We sure had a nice view of Humphreys Peak (12,633 ft) coming up the I-17.

On the way back we took highway 89A through Sedona, Cottonwood and Jerome.

On Wednesday the 19th we flew into the Twin Cities to spend the holiday season with family and friends. Minneapolis has quite a bit of snow. After we got settled in we went to eat at TGIF’s. When we came out into the damp cold, Sandy said “now I remember why we went south for the winter” and it was only 20 degrees outside. (warm by Minnesota standards)

On Thursday Sandy and I went down to Dave's former company and took some treats for their morning break. We had a good visit with everyone. In the evening we met up with Dale and Mary Jane for supper at The Green Mill and ended up spending 2½ hours visiting. We're hoping the roads will be good for traveling but we've had freezing rain and snow.

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