Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spent Christmas back home, now back to Arizona

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It's time for a little update. As you know from our last post, we decided to go back home for Christmas and New Years. We had time to visit with some of our friends in Lakeville, Apple Valley and, most importantly, our families in Staples and Aberdeen. We also had a chance to visit with our friends at Fure Financial who are helping us to afford living this lifestyle.

We spent the 23rd, 24th and 25th in Staples with Dave's family. Glen and Becky had everyone over for Christmas dinner and it was fun to see our nieces and nephew with their families all at the same time. On the 26th we drove to Aberdeen to be with Sandy's family. Sandy's mom served a big meal for us and Sandy's sister, Cindy, and her husband, John. John's brother, David, also joined us. He had come from Ohio to spend Christmas with Cindy and John so it was nice to see him again after many years. Now we're going to have to hit the hiking trails to wear off some of that holiday food we ate.

South Dakota was very foggy and the trees were always covered with a beautful coating of frost. It looked just like a picture on a Christmas card.

We drove back to Apple Valley and stayed with our friends, Pat and John. We spent New Years Eve at their house eating fondue and playing cards with our friends, Donna and Jerry. On January 3rd Jerry picked us up at 5:00 AM and took us to the Minneapolis airport for our flight back to Phoenix.

Jane picked us up at the airport and took us to get our motorhome out of storage. Now we're back in our favorite spot in Cave Creek Campground. It's been raining quite a bit again the past week, so on Sunday the 8th, we went to the Cave Creek Museum for a few hours. This area has been the site of many mining ventures as well as cattle and sheep ranching. This is also where the Apaches made one of their last strongholds.

The museum has a large collection of Native American pottery dating back over 2,500 years.

After the museum we took a short drive up to the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area which was formerly a large cattle ranch. We just took a quick look to see if we should come back on a nicer day, which we will. On the way back we had to slow down to a crawl on the road. It seems the Coyotes around here don't have much to fear.(Foxhunter, maybe you need to make a quick trip done here to wake these guys up.) Foxhunter is my fishing buddy, Terry, and he may reply in the comment area to the Carp King, that's me--Dave.

Now that the rain has stopped the skies are clear blue. All this rain has made this part of the desert foothills so lush and green. This should make for beautiful wildflowers this spring!

We thought we would add something at the end of each of our Blogs. We will try to have a plants, trees or something of interest that we have seen. The first one is the Senita Cactus, AKA Old Man Cactus.

That's all for now.

Dave and Sandy

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