Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exploring The San Antonio Area

I've been out to Medina Lake a couple more times with limited success.

November 29th was my 62nd birthday which we celebrated in the appropriate way by doing nothing. To take a phrase from my friend Chuck, "I'm so busy doing nothing that I don't know when I'm done, so how do I know when it's "Miller Time". I know, it's a tough life, but someone has to do it.

On one of our walks around the park we came upon this motorhome painted in Jelly Belly with the tow car painted in Starkist candy. They sure can't drive anywhere without being noticed.

Today, Tuesday, December 2nd, Sandy and I went downtown. First we went to the IMAX Theater to see the Alamo movie. It was not one of the better IMAX presentations we have seen. Although we had visited the Alamo two years ago, we decided to see it again and were glad because there are always things a person did not see the first time or, as in my case, couldn't remember. Some people may not know that when the Battle of the Alamo was fought during the Texan Revolution in 1836, the Alamo was already in ruins. Construction on the Mission San Antonio de Valero (as the Alamo was originally named) began in 1724. The distinctive arched front and roof were added during restoration in the late 1800's. The Alamo now stands as a shrine to the soldiers and volunteers who died during the 13-day battle against Mexican General Santa Anna in 1836. The most notable amoung those who died there are David Crockett, James Bowie and William Travis.

Then we went to the Buckhorn Bar and Texas Ranger Museum. While we enjoyed the museum we did feel a little disappointed for the price.

From the museum we went down to the River Walk and spent some time walking around before having supper at Casa Rio pictured below on the River Walk.

Sandy says I should wear a variety of T shirts rather than the same 10 from "Back to the Fifties". After supper we took the boat ride to see the Christmas lights. The tour guide on the evening river cruise said the stage of the German Theater in the background was used in a scene in the Sandra Bullock movie "Miss Congeniality".

After supper we took the boat ride to see the Christmas lights.

On Thursday we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns just north of San Antonio. This first picture is of the bridge that was left after a sink hole collapsed under it to form the caves.

Sandy in the cavern.

This column is about 30 feet tall

This picture shows a formation called cave draperies or cave bacon.

The Natural Bridge Caverns is one attraction that should be taken if one has the chance. Last year we toured Kartchner Caverns near Benson, Arizona. As wonderful as Kartchner Caverns were, we would say the Natural Bridge Caverns are even more spectacular considering the huge cave rooms and the magnificant formations.

On Saturday Sandy and I drove down to Choke Canyon State Park to see if it was a place we could go and camp for a few days so I could fish out the back door, so to speak. Maybe we will go there for a couple of days when we leave here. While in the park we got to see some of the native wildlife, deer, armadillos and roadrunners. I was not quick enough to get a snap shot of the roadrunner but here are the deer and armadillo.

In the State Park campgrounds there was a Ural motorcycle (a Russian copy of the BMW) with a side car. As we were heading back to San Antonio we came upon them on the road. The lady was driving with the man riding as passenger with their dog in the sidecar. They were cruising along at about 45 MPH which is pretty close to max speed with the load they had, pretty cute. Jane, maybe this could be your TOAD. Jane is our friend from AZ and has always wanted a Harley Davidson. She’s got Ron to ride on the back and two standard Poodles to ride in the side car so I think she should go for it.

“Ooooh, it feels so good to have the wind blowing back my ears.
Hey Mom, I don’t even have to stick my head out the window.”

“But then, sometimes I forget I’m not in the car and think
I have to hang my head out the side.”

Good bye for now.
Dave and Sandy


Richard and Patsy King said...

Dave & Sandy,

We are in San Antonio, and we came by to see you, but we could not find your Bus. We guess you left!!

Mark & Sue Didelot
Richard & Patsy King

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