Saturday, September 8, 2012

Supper and Hiking to Taggart Lake.

9-1-12 & 9-2-12

One night a guy named Levi joined us for supper. He was four weeks into a five-six week motorcycle trip. Levi is from Pennsylvania and had never been out west before so he was really enjoying it out here. The group for supper that night was Levi, Nancy, Gil, Ron, Jane, Dave, Celeste and I. Sandy was taking the picture. All 4 of us couples have Lazy Daze, and there are 3 more in the campground. It looked like a Lazy Daze convention.


The night before a yellow jacket had been on a plate and flew off with a piece of meat but no one could get a camera on it in time. So tonight when one showed up there were three cameras ready to catch the action. It’s amazing how easily we are entertained.


Once it had cut a piece loose, off it went. We all thought we should put out the warning that “meat eating yellow jackets” were invading the Tetons.


After supper we all headed back to our RV’s as the storm clouds were coming in.


On Sunday, several of us took a hike to Taggart Lake. We took the 1.6 mile trail to the lake.

As we drove towards the trailhead we could barely see the Grand Teton through the fog that had settled into the Jackson Hole valley overnight.


The water was still flowing strongly down this creek.


As we were hiking up to the lake the fog and clouds are starting to thin out. Now we can see the middle of the mountain but not the top.


Here is part of our group hiking up the trail. Steve, Nancy, Celeste and Dave.


Taggart Lake is at an elevation of 6902. The calm water gave off some nice reflections.



Coming back we took the long way (2.6 miles) back on what is called the Beaver Creek Trail.


We heard a elk calling up in the hills but could not spot it.


So I took a more relaxed position to see if that would help. It seems I had more than one person taking a picture of me looking for that elk.


Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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