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The Back to the Fifties weekend was June 20-23. There were over 11,500 registered cars and probably 10,000 were at the fairgrounds. This is our 64 Chevelle.


A nice street rod with matching custom trailer was across the street from us.


July 5th was Sandy’s dad’s, 89th birthday so we went out to Aberdeen, SD for a few days to celebrate.

We have been busy doing the upgrades to the new Lazy Daze. We had the trailer hitch beefed up, Steer-Safe installed on the front end and battery monitor installed. Then I installed the  See-Level  tank monitors, mud flaps and a black tank sprayer. We have decided this is our last RV as it takes too much work to install all the options after you buy the RV.

On July 17th we drove up to the cabin of our friends, John and Pat, to spend 3 days on Big Sandy Lake. The first thing we did was get on the pontoon and go for a ride. John and I are relaxing up front…..


while Captain Pat chauffeured us around.


Their cabin is on a very high bank so we take the lift up and down to the shore.



One day John drove us up the Savanna River to spot where….


the young and brave swing on a rope into the river.




On August 10th we, in what is turning into an annual get together, headed to the Tetons. We left the house about 7:00 and went to the garage to get the RV and hit the road. By 8:30 we were finished with breakfast in Plymouth and finally were on the road. After 610 miles in about 11 ½ hours we arrived at  the Buffalo Gap Campground about 7 miles west of Medora, ND.  It cost $6 per night with no hook-ups available. The campground has very nice sites, but it’s just too bad that the US Forest Service has had to cut back on services. This campground has water and several toilets around the campground but the water is turned off and only two toilets by the fee station were open. This makes it a little tough on the tent campers.

There was an observation hill where you can overlook the area.

Buffalo Gap Campground

Buffalo Gap Campground

Buffalo Gap Campground

There were a few of the Tenpetal blazingstar blooming.

Buffalo Gap Campground

Now I have to figure out how to take a good picture of the moon.



The next day, Monday the 11th, we stopped at Pompeys Pillar east of Billings for the first time. We have driven by it several times but had never taken the time to stop. They have a very nice interpretive center that told of Lewis and Clark’s time in Montana. William Clark named the outcropping after Jean Baptiste Charbonneau—the son of expedition member Sacagawea—whom he nicknamed “Pompey”.


These were the routes Lewis and Clark traveled in Montana.


This is a small model of a Bullboat made out of a large buffalo hide. They look like a large round bath tub.



This is Pompeys Pillar which rises 200 feet above the river.


This is the only know artifact remaining that shows where Lewis and Clark traveled other than their diaries. William Clark carved his name and date on the rock in July, 1806. In addition to pictographs and Clark’s signature, hundreds of other people have carved there initials onto the rock. It is now illegal to carve on the rock.

Pompeys Pillar


Here are a couple pictures taken from the top of Pompeys Pillar overlooking the Yellowstone river.



After driving through Cody and Yellowstone we commented that it was probably the first time we had been there and never saw any wildlife except for one bison.
To us, the Tetons are still magnificent to observe as you approach them.


As we approached our campground a large herd of bison were crossing the road. 




We arrived at the Tetons on the 13th and plan on leaving on the 20th and work our way back home.

Until  next time,

Dave and Sandy

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Vern Polzin said...

Nice adventure you two, thanks for the story and beautiful pictures. I just realized I could comment. We have always enjoyed your story's.