Thursday, February 9, 2017



On our way to San Jose, not really, but it was next door in Sunnyvale, CA. we had another day of rain and overcast skies. 

I have to admit I did not notice this wall cloud as we drove through it, but as I remember back I do remember the wind picking up.

I did remember the rainbow though.

We got in just after noon and Chuck and Lorraine were waiting for us at the Elks Lodge where we will be camped for the next 3 nights. After getting parked and checked in we went to the Black Bear Restaurant for lunch. Then they took us over to the care facility where Lorraine is staying at to show us around. It looks very nice.

The next day we visited with Chuck and Lorraine and played cards, “pass the love”, and Lorraine won.     

At noon Chuck and Lorraine treated us to lunch at one of the best Mexican restaurants
we've been too, Casa Lupe in Sunnyvale, CA.

On Sunday we again went over to the Sunrise of Sunnyvale to visit with Chuck and Lorraine. We played cards before having lunch with them there, then played some more cards until the Super Bowl game started. Up until halftime when we said our goodbyes, it looked like a blowout for Atlanta. It was sad saying goodbye, but hopefully we can get back in the next couple years. When we got back to the RV we turned on the game and watched the miraculous comeback of Tom Brady and the Patriots. What a finish.

Since Kings Canyon was so nice we decided to go to Yosemite NP and look at the waterfalls, which we heard are very spectacular now. We found a campground, Yosemite Pines RV Campground near Groveland, on Hwy 120 close to the park. Before we hit the road, we checked to make sure we could get into the park, no problem although it was going to be raining for a few days. When we checked in at the campground the host asked if we were planning on going to the Park, and we said yes. Well, she said there is a problem, the road is closed because of a rock slide that day. It happened as we were driving up. I looked on the internet and saw they thought it might get cleaned up by the morning, so our hopes were up, a little.

A few pictures along the way to Yosemite. Once again GREEN.

Along the way we came to a fork in the road, and of course, I took the most adventurous one. When we left the campground the next day we came down the other side of the canyon and it was better, but not by much. We had a few 15 MPH corners going up the road called Priest Grade. I now know why it’s called Priest Grade as Sandy was praying all the way up the hill.

A couple pictures of Groveland where there are not many parking spots on the main street.

The road going into the Yosemite Pines RV Campground.

It rained from the time we got to the campground yesterday and was still raining when we got up. With high hopes, we checked to see if the road was open and found that it was not and they were looking at some more rocks that they thought still might come down. So, with the realization that we probably won’t be able to get into the park in the next few days we decided to pack up and find some sunshine.  Another factor was the flood warnings the were coming out for the whole region. Besides with all the rain we could see moss starting to grow on the RV, just kidding. We hit the road and headed south and finally stopped in Bakersfield, CA for the night. The rain followed us about 50 miles before we stopped, and even then it was sprinkling.

We saw several side roads that had enough water running over them, I would not have attempted to cross if I needed to. Thank goodness there was no water on the roads I was driving.

This river was raging in Coulterville.  

It ended up flowing into this reservoir that is getting close to full by looking at the shoreline.

This is La Grange, Ca where are again narrow.

This stream is down in the flat country and overflowing its banks.

As we got close to Merced. CA there were flood warnings out. They are going to have lots of problems as it's supposed to continue raining for a few more days.

Until next time,
Dave and Sandy

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