Monday, July 2, 2007


6-20-2007 to 7-1-2007

We got a late start on Wednesday because of my dentist appointment at 8:10, so it was 11:00AM by the time we left the garage. We drove from Lakeville to La Pine, OR. where we met Ron and Jane. It took us 5 days to drive the 1,888 miles. 35 hours 53 minutes driving time.  Along the way we stopped at Aberdeen, SD., Yellowstone River RV Park and Campground in Billings, MT.
A  free campground, Riverside County Park in Idaho Falls, ID.


And at Vale, OR before arriving at La Pine, OR

While in La Pine, OR we saw the largest Ponderosa Pine in OR. 

On Wednesday the 27th we  down by Crater Lake to Diamond
Lake Campground. We look out over the lake (40 feet away) and
on to Baily Mountain. The view out the back is the best possible. 
We went around the west side of Crater Lake (east side loop was
closed down because of snow). 
What a great view of the lake. It is such a deep blue. 
Sandy and Jane with Crater Lake in the back ground.We often
coordinate outfits, especially to match the scenery--Ha Ha!

It was sunny  with the temperature in the upper 60’s up there.
Denver and Brea played in the snow for the first time.

On Thursday the 28th we drove to Horseshoe Bend NFS
Campground on the bank of the North Umpqua River.                       

We were in the process of selling our house and got a phone call
on Thursday saying we would be getting an offer on Friday.
Because we had no cell phone reception at the campground we
left the RV there and drove to Roseburg to spend the night in a
motel for better cell and fax service. The house sold!!
We finally got the faxing done on the sale about 1:00PM on
Saturday and headed back to the campground to celebrate the

house sale, relax and fish.

Sunday we went to Toketee Waterfalls.

 After supper Ron and I tried a little trout fishing. I caught my first
trout on a fly rod. I did say "a little trout fishing", didn't I? It was
about 5-6 inches long.

Until next time,
Dave and Sandy

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