Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heading south, just in time.

This morning, 10-16-08, Terry at Al’s Specialty Marine in Rochester called and said that my boat was ready, so Sandy and I drove down and picked it up. There were several things I had to do to get ready before we head out of town. First I had to install the depth finders and GPS units, then I had a cover made and installed. After that it was time to figure out which 20 rod and reel combinations that I should take and finally try to keep the tackle "boxes" to under 200 lbs.

Terry and I were able to get a day of fishing in on the Mississippi up by Royalton. After missing two nice smallmouth bass earlier in the day I finally managed to catch the only fish of the day, a small musky. Before the day was over we did manage to have 5 more muskies follow to the boat with the biggest being about 45 inches.

On Thursday the 30th we had our last supper with our friends Jerry, Donna, John and Pat. It's always sad to say goodbye to good friends. But unfortunately for them we will be back in the spring.

On November 5th we left town and headed to King's Campers in Wausau, WI to get a couple of items fixed as we head south for the winter. On the 6th we got into a repair bay at 9:30 where they replaced 3 Atwood Levellegs (the two in the back and the right front). The right front has been replaced three times. Now only the left front is an original jack. While there we had them adjust a roller on the kitchen slide and adjust a wiper blade. They also replaced the shower faucet, but it leaked worse then the original, so off it came and the old one went back on. We will get it fixed when we stop at the factory on our way back this spring. It was about 2:30 when we left Wausau for the SOUTH. We drove as far as Platteville, WI and stopped at a Wal Mart for the night. Platteville is about 25 miles NE of Dubuque, IA

Its Friday and it looks like we got out of town (the NORTH) just in time as the first storm of the season has hit the upper Midwest. We spent the day driving to Harrisonville, which is about 30 miles SE of Kansas City, MO. I wanted to stop at the Pressure Pro Shop and pick up a couple extra tire pressure sensors for spares. We have gotten to rely on them for monitoring the tire pressures while traveling on the road. We expected the shop to be a normal business with a normal parking lot. Instead, the business was in the old historic part of Harrisonville with narrow one-way streets around a square. That was interesting to get in and out of there. While traveling to day I was able, as usual, to find some narrow two lane roads with no shoulders. So Sandy had her thrill ride for the day. It was an especially wild ride as we had high winds to help with the rocking that was complicated by roads that rolled, dipped and swayed. Why does Sandy get all the fun while I get all the work? She just says OK, let me drive while you sit in a seat that is almost off the road with mail boxes whizzing by your knees. But I do like roads other then freeways. The day started out by leaving Platteville at 6:00 AM and pulling into Clinton MO at 5:00 PM to spend the night at the Cozy Corner RV Campground. Tomorrow we will continue on to Springfield (Bass Pro Shop), then on to Branson for a few days.

Bye for now,
Dave and Sandy

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