Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back in Cave Creek Campground, North Phoenix.

3-1-12 to 3-12-12

On March 1st we came back to Cave Creek for a couple of weeks before heading over to Apache Junction for a one-week stay at Lost Dutchman State Park. Then we will come back to Cave Creek for 11 days before heading home. This is our camp site, #18, in Cave Creek.


This picture is to just show the nice quiet surroundings at our site in Cave Creek.


Here is Sandy’s favorite Saguaro Cactus on the hillside in the park.


On a lot of the weekend mornings we get to watch hot air balloons take to the air just outside of the campground. Maybe next time we are here for the winter we will take a ride on one.



One of my favorite things to do is watch the Gambel’s Quail forage around the camp site. It is so much fun to watch them scamper from cover to cover. Because of predators,they do not spend much time in the open without some type of cover around.


We have been spending time with Jane and Ron. They have had us over for many meals and on this day we had Ron’s famous Chili and corn bread.

Having chile at Ron and Janes. 

There were even a few nights when we were all able to stay up long enough to play Dominoes. Here Jane is smiling like a Cheshire cat because she has only one domino left and is going to make us count points.


Ron and I have a few projects to do on our motorhomes over the next few weeks. Ron had already engineered and built the brackets needed to install mud flaps onto the RV. Here Ron and I are installing the mud flaps onto their Lazy Daze. He has also built a set for me, but I will wait until we get back home to install them.





The job is done and here is the finished product.



The plants are starting to bloom, although this year there will not be an abundance of blooming plants because of the lack of rain.



Here Ron and I are installing LED strip lights behind the fluorescent fixtures and also replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. We only have to put one LED tube in to be brighter than the original fluorescent bulbs.



Sandy sure was glad when we got done with making a mess and she was happy with the results.



The LED’s in the back work great for when we need a less bright light and the LED fluorescents are for when we need lots of light.


We have been posting some unique motorhomes and campers we have seen along the way. This one is from Alaska and is an older Shasta trailer. The pickup and topper have been painted to match the trailer.


The next few pictures are for our friends who have a Tiffin RV. When we went to the RV dealer to pick up Ron and Jane’s RV after they had the towing equipment installed, we noticed this early 80’s Allegro Class C motorhome. They were built on the Chevy Astro van chassis. It would have been nice to look at the inside but it was a customer’s unit that was in for service. Here Ron and Jane are giving it the once-over and they decided to stick with the Lazy Daze.




Here Jane and Ron are checking everything out before we leave.


Our Lazy Daze is in front with the new “modern” paint scheme, with our Subaru Outback. Ron and Jane’s Lazy Daze is behind with the “classic” paint scheme towing their Subaru Forrester. This should cause a few double-takes when we travel together.



Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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Jim and Gayle said...

Hello there. We met Ron and Jane at the Grand Tetons a couple of years ago tell them hello for us.

I got to your blog searching on mud flaps for a Lazy Daze. Ours is a 30' and the connection on the driver side is more difficult.

Was wondering what brand of mud flap did you get? Any chance you can tell about the bracket design?

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