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Jan 19, 2017
 Today we went to Wickenburg to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. This was a very enjoyable Museum. Plan to spend at least a couple of hours.

The following poem is part of this statue out front and there is also a painting inside.

   "Thanks for the Rain"

I turned my eyes toward cloudless skies so often, Lord, Just searchin’ for some sign, or scent of rain. Sometimes thinkin’ that I heard the sound of thunder, Far away, across a distant plain.

I watched the dirt stock tanks turn into mudholes. Saw grasses dry and wither in the sun.
Stirred a trail of dust behind my pony,
And dreamed each night, the summer rains had come.

Then this mornin’ when I woke, I felt a change, And lookin’ toward the west, clouds filled the sky. Soon the lightnin’ and the boom of thunder, Combined with rain to form a lullaby.

And no one knows no better than a cowboy, What moisture means to life in this terrain. And though I know You always planned to send it, I had to tell you Lord,
Thanks for the Rain.

Carole Jarvis, 1988

There about 20 half scale saddles made by Carson Thomas in the Museum. Here are a couple example.

Some firearms from the period.

This is a Parade saddle that was made by Edward Bohlin. Vi Wellik bought the saddle and in this saddle rode in the 1970 Rose Bowl Parade. The saddle looks like it weighs a ton.

There is a room full of western art. These are just a few examples.

This one looked like a photograph.

The lower level was full of dioramas, both life size and miniature, showing early life in the Wickenburg area.

The Vulture Mine was a gold mine and settlement in Maricopa County, Arizona. The mine began in 1863 and became the most productive gold mine in Arizona history. From 1863 to 1942, the mine produced 340,000 ounces of gold and 260,000 ounces of silver. Historically, the mine attracted more than 5,000 people to the area, and is credited with founding the town of Wickenburg, Arizona.

This one is for my brother Joe, as he is into blacksmithing now. Except he’s lazy and uses a gas forge. Just kidding Joe.

I wonder if the old general stores were this neat?

Sandy, Watch out!!! This one is for Jack and Barby.

Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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