Sunday, January 29, 2017


January 23, 2017
Musical Instrument Museum

If after reading the blog and you are interested in seeing more of the MIM, click on the link and it will take you back to our first visit there in March of 2015.

My Brother Glen and wife Becky along with Jeff and Kerri joined us for the day. After spending 4 hours at MIM we went for lunch at BJ’s.

It still amazes me how many different instruments were made into self-players. Although most of them still needed so human assistance.

I forgot to ask Nellie if he was more interested in Dick Dale (surf’n music) or John Denver.

Right after Marty Robbins, Roy is my second favorite singer.

The last time we were here they had a section on “Drums of the World”. This year it is----

There were approxemately 2 dozen fabulous instruments on display. Needless to say, whoever purchases one of these guitars would need a fair amount of spare change.

OK Rick, Man-up and get one of these for Karen. LOL.

Thanks Glen, Becky, Kerri and Nellie for spending the day with us.

On Jan. 28th we headed to Montclair, CA to stop at the Lazy Daze Factory. 

These 2 last picture of our site in Cave Creek shows why we like it there so much. Nobody looking in your window.

Until next time,

Dave and Sandy

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